Language is the key to foreign lands, cultures – and business partners!

Surely foreign languages are becoming a must in your field of business. Who among us hasn´t experienced that feeling of apprehension that comes with the knowledge that we might have to make a phone call or conduct a meeting in a foreign language? And simple small talk? That can be the biggest challenge of all!

Lack of confidence is often a factor, and difficulties in understanding, or even complete misunderstandings, are to be expected when one is confronted with a foreign language and culture.

inlingua can help you to gain more confidence in your ability to speak a foreign language, thereby ensuring a higher chance for success in the business arena, for misunderstandings in that field can be both costly and damaging to business relationships.

Efficient and reasonably priced

The goal-oriented method used at inlingua guarantees efficient progress in the learning process, and it doesn´t have to be expensive: Both the EU and the region of Vorarlberg strongly support further education in this sector by covering up to 50% of the costs, for which your company will be reimbursed! Find out more information on the page titled Förderungen (Subsidies / page only available in German).

For personal or professional purposes: success with the inlingua direct method

inlingua is a well-established and recognized institution in the field of adult education. Languages are successfully taught at over 300 locations worldwide, using the inlingua direct method, which places strong emphasis on speaking and less focus on grammar rules. Our courses can be arranged for either small groups or individuals, and are taught by trainers who demonstrate mother-tongue proficiency in the target language. The trainers not only teach a language, they also impart knowledge of their individual cultures, which is a vital part of the language learning process.

inlingua Vorarlberg has been in Dornbirn since November 2004. We can be found at the Kehlerpark, just minutes away from the center of town. If you are interested in contacting us, please visit our Contact page for more information. General and business language courses can be arranged at any time. It is our aim to provide you with a course that best suits your specific needs. If you prefer, our trainers will come to your company at no additional charge, thus saving your employees valuable time.

We hope we have caught your attention. If you are interested, a trial lesson can be arranged for you at any time, free of charge!

Robert Wiesinger,
Business Manager