Offers and courses

GPP or APP Business – the right program for any application.

General language courses (GPP – General Purpose Program)

Materials for general language courses at inlingua belong to the GPP series. The GPP program is available for English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. There are 3 different levels in this program, 5 for English. The trainer works with the corresponding teacher’s manual during the lessons, thus guaranteeing a standardized approach in accordance with international quality standards.

The inlingua Business Program (APP – Accelerated Professional Program)

For business language needs, inlingua has a specialized product line. The inlingua Business Program (APP) was developed by the pedagogical department of inlingua Berne in cooperation with leading international companies. The program has a modular construction allowing concentration on individual objectives within the field of business. Complementary to the “regular” Business Program there are several special modules, which can be incorporated into your business program, e.g. “Telephoning”, “Meetings”, “Presentations”, “Negotiating”, “Correspondence”, “Socializing Across Cultures”, “Finance”, “Human Resources” and others. These modules are available for lower and for higher level students.

Did you study English years ago in school but haven´t really needed it since? And is speaking English suddenly one of your job requirements? Maybe you´ve forgotten nearly everything you learned and feel you need a beginner´s course to brush up on your grammar. If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you´re like many people who register for a course with us. Like them, you probably fall into the category of “false beginners”. If so, APP 1or 2 is just what you need. The Accelerated Professional Program allows you to focus on the business language you need from the very start in small groups or in individual lessons.

Teaching materials

inlingua offers high-quality teaching materials which can be supplemented, when necessary, with up-to-date subject matter from radio or TV, as well as topics from magazines such as “Spotlight” (English) and „Adesso” (Italian).

The best references for inlingua’s competence are its numerous successful partnerships with companies like Siemens, which cooperates with more than 30 inlingua centers in 10 different countries.