Company internal courses

F.I.T. – Firmeninternes Training (Company internal courses)

Language targets

Customized courses for the individual needs of your company. Our trainers are willing to address special relevant topics with the help of your company manuals and documents.

Target group

Companies whose employees need to improve their foreign language skills for both general and specific purposes.

Your advantages

You determine the targets and the content of the course, for example:

  • Business English for improving the efficiency of the Export department
  • Sales training in Spanish for your business in Latin America
  • “Telephoning” module for the internal sales department
  • Brush-up of your Italian skills in Sales
  • Preparation of your project team for operation in China
  • “Presentations” module for a trade show in Birmingham

The trainer is committed to the interests of your company; specific content and problem areas relevant to your company or department can be addressed during the lessons.

Our know-how

Once you have determined your target, we will conduct a placement test for each participant and organize a course to meet the needs of the members. We will be happy to advise you in areas such as the structure, length and intensity of the training.


Continuous conversation in the target language with native speakers who have completed the inlingua internal method training. The inlingua method guarantees a maximum of student speaking time during the lesson.

End of course

Upon completion of a course, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate confirming that you have participated in an inlingua course. Upon request, participants can also complete an examination with a corresponding statement of performance (not free of charge).


You decide. Our trainers will come to your company or you can come to our premises in Dornbirn.

Appointments and starting dates

It’s your choice. Our trainers are available to teach in the morning, at lunchtime, after work or in weekend blocks.