APP 54/108 – Business Program for small groups

The “Accelerated Professional Program” (APP) is a business-oriented learning system which was developed in cooperation with leading international companies. This program allows you to focus on business language from day one without having to complete a general language course first.


Language target

Finding your way in everyday, work-related situations such as meetings, telephone calls and business trips.

Target group

This course is for those people who are looking to learn or improve a language for business reasons.


Continuous conversation in the target language with native speakers who have completed the inlingua internal method training. The inlingua method guarantees a maximum of student speaking time during the lesson through group work, pair work and role plays.

Number of participants

For 2 to 6 people. The Dynamic Booking System (DBS) works in such a way that the number of teaching units increases with each additional participant while the price per participant remains the same. The price-performance ratio improves for you with each additional student!


Twice a week (Mon/Wed or Tu/Th) at 2 or 3 units each, mornings or evenings. With early registration there is a greater chance of being placed in a course at your ideal time.

Length of course

Choose from 2 different packages:

“half power” APP 54 DBS
7,5 to 13,5 weeks (4 units per week)
45 units for 6 participants (DBS)
Dynamic Booking System 6 Particip. = 54 units
5 Particip. = 48 units
4 Particip. = 42 units
3 Particip. = 36 units
2 Particip. = 30 units
“full power” APP 108 DBS
15 to 26 weeks (4 units per week)
90 units for 6 participants (DBS)
Dynamic Booking System 6 Particip. = 108 units
5 Particip. = 96 units
4 Particip. = 84 units
3 Particip. = 72 units
2 Particip. = 60 units


At our center in Dornbirn (or at a location of your choice).

End of course

Upon completion of a course, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate confirming that you have participated in an inlingua course.

Starting date

Courses begin year-round on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Come in for a free placement test – there is no obligation to book a course!