Business brunch

Business Brunch: Crash Intensity Program

1 Day Business training including lunch with the trainer


Language target

This intensive training gives you the opportunity to brush up on a language you haven’t had to use in a while and to focus on topics of special interest to you.

Target group

People who need a quick brush-up in a language they have studied in the past and suddenly need again, whether for personal or professional reasons.

This is the ideal course should you need additional preparation for immediate use of the language. It is also a great way to catch up quickly with a higher level group that you are interested in joining.


Continuous conversation in the target language with native speakers who have completed the inlingua internal method training. The inlingua method guarantees a maximum of student speaking time during the lesson. The course content is designed to meet your specific needs.

Length of course

1 day individual training (10 units plus 2 units for lunch with your trainer).We will be happy to advise you in areas such as the structure, length and intensity of the training. Details can be discussed directly with the trainer.

End of course

Upon completion of a course, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate confirming that you have participated in an inlingua course.


At our center in Dornbirn or at your company.


Once you have completed a placement test and your targets have been determined, you can begin your lessons at any time.

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