crossing language barriers

Trial lessons

Trial lessons

“Sure, I can understand a little but I´m afraid to speak.”

Many people feel the same as you do. Maybe you had some English in school but haven’t had to use it since? If so, you’ve come to the right place. A maximum of 6 students with the same level in a relaxed atmosphere. Active use of the language instead of dry theory and grammar drills. You´ll be speaking your target language from the first moment on. Two evenings a week in a manageable timeframe and you´re on the road to success!


Come see for yourself! At inlingua you have the chance to participate in a trial lesson with no obligation to book a course. We organize trial lessons on a regular basis, thus giving you the opportunity to experience the inlingua method at no cost. Simply call us so that we can schedule a trial lesson at a convenient time for you. For your trial lesson, we do ask that you choose a language with which you have no experience. Only in this way can we arrange a truly homogenous trial group, and you will be amazed at how quickly the direct method enables you to start speaking a foreign language.